Amanda & Jason: Third Time Around

Labels & Lies

can i buy Depakote over the counter in spain I’ve spent all my life in one type of church or another…was christened in the Presbyterian church, baptized in the Baptist, sang in the United Methodist youth choir and so on…It always excites me when I read a Bible Story and get a new perspective on it. It’s kind of like those choose your own adventure books! Recently I was doing a devotional on lies in 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs. That day I was asked to read the story of David & Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 and think about the labels other people gave David and which were actually true. Who doesn’t love the story of underdog David going out and defeating the HUGE giant with a sling and a stone?! We know he was courageous and brave without even really reading much of the story. I went back to this tried and true story with fresh eyes and an open mind.

So here was young David whose older brothers had gone off to fight the Philistines with Saul. He helped his father tend the sheep until one day his father asked him to take some things to his brothers and their commander. His oldest brother was fuming and accused David of being conceited & having a wicked heart and only coming to watch the battle, but David did not like how the Giant defied the armies of God. He told Saul that he would go and fight him. Saul tried to dissuade him by telling David he was only a boy and that the giant had been fighting men since he was young. David countered by letting Saul know he had gone after lions and bears when they stole his father’s sheep. When the animal turned on him, he grabbed it by the hair, struck it and killed it. As I read another devotional today it reminded me that David didn’t kill the lion in preparation for the bear or the bear in preparation for Goliath. No, he just protected his father’s sheep, he was brave and believed God would guide him through – all as a young boy. Labels or lies? David was told he had a wicked heart, came only to the front line to see what was happening and was just a boy who couldn’t beat a giant. David could have easily let these stop him, but he chose not to let these labels – whether true or false deter him from being brave. In 1 Samuel 17:37 David said, “The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.” Later we see in verse 45-46 David states, “I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head.” Reading this story over with emphasis on the labels makes me like David even more…no wonder he was a man after God’s own heart! What if we were brave enough to dismiss the labels and believe the Lord would deliver us? What if we spoke truth and in the name of the Lord Almighty?

Source All too often we allow Satan’s lies to control us. We believe the untruths we hear whether the internal put downs or from external sources…once we believe them, we let them define us and next we are living the label! As women we are constantly being labeled – no wonder a girl’s confidence can be shot down early on in life. There is so much pressure not be too thin or overweight – not to be nerdy but not a pushover or too naïve. What about being a tomboy or drama queen? Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy - John 10:10. He is the master manipulator – remember Eve? Yep she’s the first one he lied to and he continues with me and you to this day. He didn’t just lie but made her question reality and she wanted what she could not have.

It’s not just women – there are so many lies that men – especially in our age of social media have to defend themselves against. He could be a teacher, sports star, politician or your husband. Unfortunately lies are spewed many times from those upset or who are scorned just to get back at or cause harm in another’s life – to steal their joy. We all know just how detrimental these accusations whether real or false can be – the harm it causes to families and all those involved. Not too long ago, Jason was dealing with these same types of accusations. He knew in his heart of hearts they were untrue but reading or hearing them brought his spirit down. If he did not have a strong support system and trust in the Lord he could have eventually listened to the lies and even though untrue, his spirit would have still felt defeated and labeled.

For me the biggest labels & lies I deal with center around motherhood and being a business woman. Motherhood is the hardest but most amazing and fulfilling job I could ever have but I’m also driven to work for myself when it comes to providing for my family. If I focus too much on my business, I can easily be labeled an absentee parent or workaholic. On the other hand, if the majority of my time is focused on the kids and less on my business I can be seen as someone unfocused or not pulling my weight. Social media can make it very easy to label ourselves and do the devil’s work for him. I can go days without even really looking at my Facebook newsfeed because I know comparison will steal my joy at times! Maybe I didn’t get out of my yoga pants that day, or even get a shower but when I get on social there is “Mrs. And Mr. Perfect” all dressed to the 9’s and they baked cookies for all the teachers at school and their business is booming and they won the lottery (you get the point)! I’m not saying we should not share what is going on in our lives, but I think we’ve forgotten modesty and humbleness in today’s social media society. We tend to just focus on everyone’s highlight reel and share the best of…we only give small glimpses into the whole picture. Remember Satan…the one who manipulated Eve?

I challenge you to post positivity not just the highlight reel you want others to see and instead of being quick to label people, or to make others feel bad remember what we “see” may not be the full picture. Remember to step out in faith and bravery as David did dismissing the labels and lies and speak truth in the name of the Lord Almighty!

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