Amanda & Jason: Third Time Around

Funny Weather and Life

you could try these out Growing up and living all over the United States makes you realize that weather & life can be funny. I was born in south Florida but was too little to truly enjoy sun, fun, and well… Florida. My family moved to central Pennsylvania (P A as one is supposed to call it) when I started kindergarten. 1976 (Bicentennial) and moving up to Pennsylvania was a fun time. My parents bought the old “Piper” house that was once the home to William Piper (one of the founders of the Piper Aircraft corporation). It was a great house right across the street from the Susquehanna River that winded through town. Growing up was based around this river and weather. In the spring everyone was focused on how much snow melted and at times “iceberg” chunks of ice was going to do with the river levels. This small college town had a sordid history with floods that nearly devastated it (1936 and 1972). In the summers the Susquehanna was the place to be for swimming, boating, bridge jumping (train bridges were our cliffs to jump from into the river), and overall entertainment. In the fall all of God’s glory turned bright colors of orange, red, and yellow as the temperature turned to hoodies and bonfire nights. Once winter set in, you better be prepared for the first snow (usually around November) to still be around in February. Not unusual for temperatures in the 20’s to be the normal high. I got to enjoy my first toboggan ride (not a head cover), snow forts, built in snow days on school calendar, and making spending money shoveling sidewalks/driveways. After I graduated high school and tried out college (she and I broke and I that is), I moved out to beautiful Oregon. As much as everyone says Oregon and Washington are the same...don’t believe them. Sure, rain is going to be a part of fall/winter, but not daily as I experienced in the Seattle area. One can enjoy Mt. Hood and snow skiing during the day and enjoy the beach and some fresh clam chowder by evening. I did paramedic school while living in Oregon and turned twenty-one. One of the best experiences of moving out to Oregon was driving solo across the great United States. I enjoyed blizzards to shorts weather, and everything in between. This was the start of transforming from an individual that was not a believer of God or religion at starting to question is there a God?

chloroquine trade name in india After a few years and many lessons of adulthood, I moved to Oklahoma. This was not my first experience of Oklahoma (lived briefly in Oklahoma as a child) but my first as a young man working full time. Weather in Oklahoma is tornado watch for the majority of the year and windy. They did write a song about this; “Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.” I started my career in law enforcement and was part of the rescue team for the Oklahoma City bombing. I also found out that living with siblings as kids, is different when you’re adults.

amoebic liver abscess treatment - chloroquine After getting some advice indirectly from a classmate of my mom’s (they spoke during their 50th high school reunion in Pawhuska) I started working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in North Carolina. Another move, step in life, and more crazy weather. In the Carolina’s they have these enjoyable things called hurricanes. They are not as frequent as tornadoes in Oklahoma but do cause people to buy out entire sections of grocery stores. This was also my first taste of dripping humidity that seems to be the norm during late summer and early fall in the Raleigh area. Deciding the best way to promote in my job was to move (taught to me by my parents) so I moved back to P A (Pennsylvania) and the city of brotherly love...Philadelphia. Weather still the same in Pennsylvania but totally different way of living in Philly compared to central Pennsylvania. However, I decided there is a God and slowly got involved in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Married now and with my first son, I moved again to provide for my family. Back to the Carolina’s and everything I enjoyed the first time around. This time in North Carolina I started to enjoy more of the coastline and Appalachian area of the state. After a short four years the move itch and promotion bug struck again. I was now off to Louisiana leaving family (wife & two sons) in North Carolina for what I planned to be a short time.

Now living in Louisiana with yearlong suffocating humidity, I am discovering some amazing foods. Not too much to do in the portion of the state I was living in (besides fishing, gator hunting, and king cake), but work is making up for any boredom that might creep in. Did I mention that leaving a wet towel outside to dry becomes wetter and doesn’t dry out at all? Missing my family and struggling with work I am desperate to move. Some bad news (divorce) hits me blindsided but I find support from a group of men...the Masons. With their support and God’s, I finally get closer to my sons and move to sweet home Alabama (Roll Tide Roll).

I can remember while traveling to the Houston rodeo back in 2004 I made a comment about how pretty the Birmingham area was while stopping for gas. Well, God heard this comment for sure since I ended up living right in the area, I said was pretty. Alabama has four weather seasons, but they may happen in the same week. The humidity is not as bad as Louisiana but still lets you know it is around. I remarried shortly after moving to Alabama and thought everything was finally going right. I was seeing my sons regularly, was happy with work, and close to family. The biggest part missing from my life was a true relationship with God. I had walked around saying I was a Christian and occasionally went to church, but never fully understood God. So, I made the decision to change this, and shortly afterwards divorce two hits home again.

Well, I am not moving to another state and have become accustomed to Alabama’s always changing weather. Right now, I am enjoying 63-degree weather on my back porch. God is fully a part of my life and Amanda’s. If you are enjoying our blog, you already know we are both happily about to do marriage for the third time. Without firmly having a relationship with God and my soon to be wife weather and life wouldn’t be as enjoyable.


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