Amanda & Jason: Third Time Around

A Daughter’s Perspective In honor of Father's Day I wanted to take a moment to reminisce about my Dad. You could say I am my father's we are both kind of bull headed at times. This goes all the way back to me being 3 years old and running away from Dad saying you can't tell me what to do...and it ended up in a story I've never heard the end of...he suffered a broken arm because of me. I ran down the hill and he came tumbling after! I think I spent the next 20 years living up to that proclamation! I definitely played Dad against Mom (he said she said) when I wanted my way and even though advice may be given I rarely digested it till after the fact. And yes...I was that child that received the decree I sure hope God gives you children just like yourself!

can you buy Clomiphene in australia I thank my Dad...Pops...Popsy....the original Ken (& Barbie)...the one who the fox stole his hair...who played a great Jr. Samples and cooks a mean BBQ...I thank him for instilling so many amazing qualities into his children just from being who he was and is! My father was the true man of the house - he worked long hot and cold days outside making the streets of Charlotte driveable! He would then come home and work hours in his garden to not only feed his family but many, many others. There was never a tomato as good as a Ken Brooks tomato...especially slapped on some white bread with mayo! I saw my father countless times be a servant to those he knew and those who were strangers. Dad always gave away vegetables, his old work uniforms, he'd buy food for the hungry and go check on those he knew to be homeless or down and out.

rural dating over 50 Dad worked tirelessly behind the scenes at church growing up...he unlocked and locked the church doors, he took care of the building and grounds, he drove the bus and van...he cooked untold hours making BBQ and his amazing vinegar slaw! Once he retired he became the janitor at our church so I'm sure he did many more things than I ever knew about! Not only did he give time to our church but he was a Boy Scout leader, Deacon and was a tagalong husband to my mom as a Girl Scout Leader. Oh and he cooked many dinners at our house, was the biscuit and red eye gravy maker among so many other things like homemade sauerkraut, liver pudding and dippy eggs! And when we needed additional resources my Dad was working overtime slagging and salting the roads & bridges, cutting grass and doing yard work. My father was never afraid to work hard or get his hands dirty for his family. He always tried his best to fix our cars, issues in our house and use sweat equity for the upkeep of not only our home but my Grandmother's too!

My father served our country in the Army prior to meeting and marrying my mother. He may not have had a college education but His experiences turned into stories and valuable lessons he'd teach us of other cultures. He instilled in us a love for mediterranean food through his cooking and taking us to The Greek Festival!

Dad was a man of few but profound words! Really he did not need that many because his actions and deeds were enough to show the love he had for his family and mankind. I appreciate my Dad's servant heart, his work ethic, his persistence and dedication to being the resolve and moral fiber that held us together. I have been blessed to attend college, work in the comfort of offices and my own home and to have gained worldly success but none of this can hold a candle to the achievements my father has attained. He has touched countless individuals through giving his time, talents and resources. I am overjoyed to call him my dad! And I know one day he will hear the words..."Well done good and faithful servant."

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