Amanda & Jason: Third Time Around

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Jason A little about me, so that you will understand my views, and writings. I have been working in law enforcement the past 24 years. I am the youngest of nine and married twice. My first marriage was at the young age of 30 - my two sons were definitely the best thing from it and the second short marriage was in my forties. This third time around I have realized that without having a firm foundation with God and with Amanda, nothing will be different than the first two. One of my sayings use to always be "life is good." I now say and believe that "life and God are good."


order gabapentin online reddit Hey y'all! I'm super excited about this new journey with all of you and of course...Jason! I've done a little blogging in the past, so this will not be my first time. With a BSBA in Business Management I have worked in banking and direct sales over the past 25 years. My first marriage was in my mid twenties with one daughter and one miscarriage. The second go round I had two more daughters & came to realize my marital health was suffering. This third time around I see and appreciate the open communication between us. We both are talkative (I never thought I would meet a man who could talk as much as...or more than me) and we never shy away from communicating with each other and our families.


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site rencontre portugaise gratuit This is certainly going to be an adventure in growth and maturity as we travel down the road of marriage together for the third time. Both of us have years of marriage ups and downs, along with stories to share, skills to learn and knowledge to pass along. Having a relationship and foundation with God is just one of the keys to enjoying life. We hope this blog will help you or at least let you know that you are not alone. We both plan to share our own experiences and what seemed to be impossible obstacles. In no way are we claiming to be experts...we will post links on various topics to further educate and allow for more professional knowledge. Basically we hope to make you laugh a little, smile a lot, spread God's good word, and maybe even shed a tear or two. Join us on this journey "the third time around."

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