Amanda & Jason: Third Time Around

Sacred Space Do you have a place that calms your fears? Here in Alabama many may think I’m referring to a safe room for tornadoes…well it is a safe room of sorts. I will never forget the first time I saw the movie War Room…I was really awe struck with Miss Clara’s closet and the prayers and notes she had pinned to the wall. What an example of faith she was!

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best free interracial dating sites with free messaging On Mother’s Day we visited The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. While there we sat in a mock “situation room” which reminded me of my very own crisis management/war room/prayer closet that I have turned to so much in the last few months. Through our church Jason and I were part of a Freedom Small Group. The curriculum we use states in the Introduction “Life as you know it may never be the same. No matter where you are in your faith journey, this curriculum will challenge you to take a step toward truth – about God, about faith, and about yourself. “


Jeremiah 29:13 New International Version (NIV)

site 13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”


Never would I have imagined just how changed my life would be going through Freedom. One thing we are told from the beginning is that if you are on this journey get prepared to be attacked. Through our 12-week course and Freedom Conference weekend amazing things have happened to us and in our lives but we have seen Satan, sin and spiritual forces working overtime to derail us. For me personally I have started to find Freedom on so many new levels but at the same time have battled debilitating anxiety, some depression and a huge mind shift about what is most important in my life. Remembering Miss Clara’s war room, I wanted to create my own sacred space to communicate with God and calm my fears. I started first by going through my closet…again…to clean out things I no longer wore or wanted. Then I organized the closet carving out a section where I could post verses, prayers, reminders and prompts from the Lord. My closet is hardwood, so I found a soft runner and took a square cushion from the loft to sit on. I happened to find a cross one of my daughters painted on vacation one year and hung it to create my sacred space.


I use this space to do daily Bible reading, praying for and over my family and spouse, crying, pleading, remembering his promises, listening and seeking his voice. I also have a speaker outside the door so I can listen to praise and worship while I find peace and solace. If I’m having a bad day I like to go sit and remind myself of the promises of God and who I am in him. There are times I just go stand and read passages I’ve found that really spoke to me and other days I spend as much time as I can waiting, praying and listening. My closet is on the outside wall and I love to be in there when it’s raining as I’m reminded again of God’s promises for us.


I remember telling my one daughter when she had anger issues at a younger age to go in her closet and pray and ask God to help her calm down. I remember she began to spend lots of time in her closet and found it a safe place to play and even fall asleep. I wonder why I did not take my own advice – maybe because I did not trust enough or didn’t believe I had enough faith. Or maybe it was just that old pride issue of thinking more of myself than my relationship with the Lord.


The other day I knew my husband was struggling with something out of his control. I looked in our room, the bathroom, the toilet closet…I know I did not hear the outside door open, so I asked, where are you? And he said in here…yep…he was sitting on the floor in my war room with his Bible. We both were struggling and brought our situations to the Lord as only he knows the truth of the struggles we are facing and how they will work toward his good.


If you have not seen War Room – watch it! If you have…what are you waiting for? You don’t have to have a whole closet…just create a space in the one you have. God meets us where we are! And if your closet is too small choose a favorite chair or space in your home that is comforting to you. Make this spot your safe, sacred space to embrace all God has to tell you!

Even as I write this, I am beginning to feel the pull of time with my Father in my safe place. He always reminds me to sit and re-center myself on Him as I work toward living my life all in for Him!

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